Mix de 25 músicas, Thrash

Slayer - South Of Heaven
Coven-blessed Is The Black
Incubus - Freezing Torment
Overkill - Hello From The Gutter
Slayer - At Dawn They Sleep [song, 432 Hz]
Assassin - Bullets
Carnivore - Technophobia
Gama Bomb - Slam Anthem Official Video
Anthrax - In My World
Suicidal Tendencies - Nobody Hears
Hirax Official Video El Rostro De La Muerte (the Face Of Death)..
Gothic Slam-who Died And Made You God
Razor - Cut Throat
Exodus - Throwing Down (official Music Video)
Violator - Futurephobia (official Video)
Slayer - Black Magic
Revocation - Reanimaniac (official Music Video)
Metallica - Disposable Heroes (studio Version)
Cyclone - Incest Love
Toxic Holocaust - Judgement Awaits You (official Music Video)
Coroner-masked Jackal
Anthrax - Got The Time
Lazarus A.d. Absolute Power (official Video)
Anthrax - Madhouse
Overkill - Electric Rattlesnake (official Video)
Slayer - South of Heaven

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