Mix de 25 músicas, Vaporwave

骨架的 - Ancient Science (album)
Nobody Here
Amun Dragoon - Secret Whispers From The Tamate Box
Vhs Logos - Chimerical
Group Meditation
m Ai T r O - Mustang (memory Lane)
Maitro - S-CLASS
Saint Pepsi - Private Caller
Waterfront Dining - Lucky
Esprit 空想: Daydream
Ultra ウルトラ - 入力 Splash Island
Saint Pepsi - Tell Me
Venturex - Vacation
Aritus - Keep
Infinity Frequencies - Woman Of The Snow
Black - Chinese Persuasion
G H O S T I N G - Halloween Special
Luxury Elite - Shadows
Soul Bells & マクロスmacross 82-99 - Groove City-溝都市 [exclusive]
18 Carat Affair - Pretty Girls I Dont Know Anymore
Maitro - Chi-chi チチ
Vanilla - Lose You
マクロスmacross 82-99 - 夕焼け
2814 - 恢复
骨架的 - Ancient science (album)

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